Hi everyone. I need some advice or suggestions on what to do. Here's my situation, I've had Lupus for 10 years now. In the first six months that I had it this illness was terrible. I was practically bed bound for the whole time. After that, with help from the doctors and medication I went into remission for about six years. Everything was great! Then I got pregnant. The pregnancy went fine and I had a beautiful baby boy. However, since the birth I have not been the same. My Lupus has come back and now worse than ever. My son will be four in October and in the four years since he's been born I have had plerisy, skin rashes and itchiness, sores in my mouth and nose, numbness and fatigue in the arms and shoulders, extreme fatigue (had to go do a sleep test), really bad migraines, kidney stones, pain in knees and feet, swollen feet and hands, and the most concerning of all memory loss, and the list goes on and on and on. My husband does not work because he has chronic back pain, so I'm the only one working and I just feel one of these days I just won't be able to get up out of bed. I just feel like my body is going to give out any day. It terrifies me that if that does happen how will I feed my family and pay my bills? I can't afford to go on short term disability because that only pays me 60% of my pay. I called a disability lawyer to talk to them about it getting Social Security Disability benefits. They told me that I have a good case to try and apply for disability, but since I'm still working they can't help me. Not until my hours have been significantly reduced due to my Lupus or I'm out of work. I just can't afford that. I don't know what to do!