Two years ago tomorrow, our world got thrown into this tailspin called Lupus. I can't believe what we as a family has been thru let alone what all Dylan has been thru. We've learned ALOT and continue to learn every day. When I think about where we were at two years ago, I'm astonished and amazed. Dylan was so very sick. How in the world can a 13 year old boy look so "good" on the outside and be in such terrible shape on the inside? Not once did he complain about the tests that were being done to him practically daily. All he wanted was to "normal" again. I am so incredibly proud of the young man he has become and I think, ironically, Lupus has done this. What strength he has shone.
So two years later he is in remission and fingers crossed.... stays that way for AWHILE! Not for sure that I can go through that again! So very glad that if we do.... I have found a place where I can vent and you all know what I'm talking about.
Thank you!!!!