I'm not quite sure how to ask my question, or rather I don't know all it is I want to know-so I'm gonna explain some things first and hopefully you guys can interpret what info I'm needing lol

Back in January, I'd torn/damaged some tendons & ligaments in my wrist-the wrist I'd broken and had surgery on two years ago. It's been a long frustrating road. Losing what little abilities it had remaining has been an emotional roller coaster. But. I'd started to accept what I had, what was done & to move forward with positivity.

Three weeks ago, I'd been lifting a crate out of my sons closet when I had a horrible pop & tear sensation. At first id thought it may have been something related to the pneumonia i was still getting over & having had been coughing so frequently. But After going to the hospital a day later, we found I'd torn my rotary cuff in two places and also another in my shoulder. They'd wanted me to see the Suregon ASAP, but facing another surgery-this being my left & leaving me temporarily incapable with my arms...I've just not been able to face.

Now, three days ago I'd finally gotten back to cleaning out my sons room (what I'd been doing when if torn my rotary cuff). I'd gotten a lot accomplished, when I went to bend to pick up pieces from a piggy bank I'd accidentally dropped (happens a lot with my unstable wrist). As I bent I felt another rubber band like shot & a crunch-pain began searing down my leg. When I went to stand it turned to unbearable. After two days of not being able to sleep I went to my pcp. He believes I have several tendon tears & possibly a fractured patella (where my kneecap usually is there is a 3-4" gap of empty squishiness with a 2" bone like piece you can move all over in that space).

When I'd done my shoulder the doctor at the hospital sat and explained briefly to my husband and I that with SLE I'm at a greater risk for tendon & ligament tears. I wasn't sure of her credibility, since I'd never heard of anything like that before. But after this, all of it, in such short of time I have to ask.

As you've read I know nothing about the subject. No idea what one can do to prevent it. What there is that encourages it. And if there is any treatment for it?

Any insight would be great-anything would be a candle to light the dark.