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Thread: Question about employee rights

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    Default Question about employee rights

    What can an employee legally ask/know about an employees health? How much information am I legally obligated to share? If I want to take sick leave to go to a doctor's appointment, must I divulge the name of the doctor and the nature of the visit? I have plenty of sick leave so that isn't a problem. I don't want to tell my employer too much but I need to know what the rules are. Thanks for your help!
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    You probably mean what the employer can ask.
    I am pretty sure, that you do not have give your doctors name or the nature of your visit. WE ARE NOT IN RUSSIA OR IRAN.
    I am at a point at work, that I don't even tell my boss, why I have to have the day off, I need it off, PERIOD. But my boss is
    really nice and if he would ask, if it was important, I would tell him that I have a doctors appointment.
    Tell him, that you have a doctors appointment and that's it.
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