You are so kind to send all this information. I found them to be very helpful to me. I feel I meet most of their qualifications for auto-immunity disorders. I have all my med files for the last year and can show I have been having these symptoms for over a year.

My rheumy started the Plaquenil and my family doc has had me on Prednisone for months now. The rheumy was not very understanding of my complaints. She insisted it wasn't Lupus because I did not have the "butterfly rash" across my face. I meet most of the 11 criteria for Lupus. That's why I am on the way to a new one. My family doctor says he is only a general doctor and doesn't like to get into the auto-immune issues. He did sign my application for a handicap tag due to my inability to walk. With my heart, they have done a echocardiogram to look for fluid due to heartbeat sounding muffled. It took them 3 weeks to get me in and the fluid had went way because he upped my Prednisone. Recently, they have done an EKG because my heart was racing and BP was sky high. They thought I may be having a heart attack. They ruled I was not having one. Requested a chest x-ray to look for pneumonia and sent me home. They determined the x-ray was normal, ruled it bronchitis and sent me home with antibiotics. I have had bronchitis and this is something different. I get pain into my shoulder and arm when the heart starts to hurt. Laying down is definitely worse for the pain. I can't say I get much relief from leaning forward, but I do get a little.

I think I will take your advise about someone going to the doctor with me. I think I will see if my husband or mom can go. I am going to consult a lawyer for a consultation about disability. I am incapable of working. I was hoping to go back, but I can barely dress myself. It's time I accept it's not going to happen anytime soon.

Thank you again for ALL your support and information.