I just need to talk, but I've got no one to talk to. Physically, I'm doing a lot better. Emotionally my stress levels are through the roof today. All i want to do is cry, I know this is just because my Mom is having at bad day. She is totally angry with me because I am here. She doesn't want it have to rely on me. Whether it's dementia or Alzheimer's I don't know. The Doctor laughs at my concerns or maybe it was the way Daddy presented them. I want to do better for them, but Mother just goes off and then Daddy who doesn't want the stress says go with the flow.

She talks to herself and the things she says hurt. I know she really doesn't mean to, but.......... What's a girl to do. This morning I felt like running away. I didn't have much of a life before, but now I feel like I can't really live, I'm existing, going with the flow. All I can do is honor my parents and pray that what I do is right. That sooner or later I'll have an easy time.