I apologize if this is not the right place to post this, but I'm not sure where to start.

I'm writing about my 60 year old mother.

She has been getting sicker and sicker, getting more and more individual diagnoses since about her late 20s. There are so many things wrong with her health I just refuse to believe there is not some common thing under pinning all of it.

The latest thing to happen to my mother is brain swelling after surgery to 'clip' a brain aneurysm. A couple of years after the surgery she started getting constant headaches. A scan revealed massive swelling of the right hemisphere of her brain, the side the clips were on.

She had some little abscess type things removed, and the swelling abated. But then, last scan, 50% of it is back again. None of the neurosurgeons/neurologists have any idea what is wrong. and so she is living with the scary situation of having brain swelling of unknown cause.

As I say, this is the latest thing, but there are so many other things wrong with her health. I will post the list of her diagnoses in the hope someone might be able to say if it sounds like she might have lupus.

Dry eyes
Corneal dystrophy
Severe prgressive damage to optic nerves
Irritable bowel syndrome
Gastric ulcer
Facial pain
Hashimoto's disease (thyroid)
Raynaud’s phenomenon
Allergies to skin/hair products
Sapho syndrome (arthritic type swelling in her collar bone) Has been on anti-inflammatories for that for years
Had glandular fever in late teens

Negative to ANA

I know you are not Drs and cannot diagnose, but I'm just wondering if any of these things sound like she might have lupus. A rheumatologist suspected lupus ages ago - well before many of her conditions now had even developed - but as she was negative to ANA they dropped it.

Many thanks in advance for any help anyone can offer.