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Thread: Experience with purple discoloration in swollen finger joints and fungal infections?

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    Default Experience with purple discoloration in swollen finger joints and fungal infections?

    So glad to find this forum. I put a list of odd symptoms over the last 25 years for my family doc, which helped her decide to test for AI/lupus/RA/et al. This in addition to her assessment of my physical issues over the last 18 months and those currently presenting.

    She noticed there is discoloration - light purple - in the first knuckle on the fingers that are swollen and achy. The swelling is limited to the first knuckle on affected fingers, as well as both wrists but no discoloration on the wrists. The swollen knuckles are also warm to the touch - both her's and mine. I noticed that my hands and feet were very cold last winter, which I didn't not think to mention to her. My husband laughed when I said sleeping in socks changed my life, lol.

    It also appears that I have been and am susceptible to yeast/fungal infections. In the past, I've had a lot more vaginal yeast infections than most, but not currently - thankfully! I was diagnosed with seborrheic dermatitis on the back of my neck and lower scalp above the hairline, with some hair loss. The skin issues seem to flare as a warning to upcoming joint issues. And then finally, I have some type of discoloration/loss of skin pigment on my upper abs between the ribs on top. I am not sure if it is vitiligo or a fungal infection - and I didn't mention it to my doc because I didn't know it could be an issue.

    Do these things sound familiar to you? Can you shed some light?

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    Several of the symptoms that you described to sound a bit familiar. Many of us suffer from Raynaud's Syndrome which has a few of the symptoms you described : 1) Fingers start to go white as the circulation is restricted in the capillaries. Whiteness can be on just one or just part of one finger, or two or three fingers at a time. Often there are patches of white, showing a mottled appearance.
    2) Affected areas will feel numb and have a white "waxy" look.
    3) Symptoms can often include the affected areas going blue or showing a bluish tinge. This is due to a lack of oxygen in the red blood cells.
    4) As the episode ends, affected areas will go bright red as the fresh oxygenated blood returns to the capillaries and cells.
    4) As the circulation is restored to the attacked areas, one can experience tingling and pain and may feel like "pins and needles. T he issues with you knuckles and wrist are a bit similar to those of us who deal with arthritic pain due to our lupus. It may also be due to inflammation caused by other conditions such as flexor tendonitis. There is really no way for us to tell you what your conditions may or may not indicate. Please let us know what your doctors think and what you and your doctors decide. I wish you the very best! Peace and Blessings - Namaste: SAYSUSIE
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