Hi Everyone,
I was diagnosed with probable Lupus about a month ago. My ANA was normal, but my DSDNA was borderline. I have been searching for answers to my strange symptoms for months. My rheumy says she is 98% sure it's Lupus. I have been taking Plaquenil and she gave me a steroid shot about a week ago. I have seen improvement in some stiffness and joint pain. Except, I have had one thing that has been bothering me now since January. My calf muscle is incredibly stiff/tight. The more I walk, the tighter it gets. This happens on a daily basis and has not shown any improvement or change over 7 months. My hamstring on the same leg is now starting to do the same thing. It's not really painful, just stiff and I have no stamina in that leg. Does this sound familiar to anyone? If so, is there anything I can do to relieve the stiffness? I can't find this symptom anywhere. It's definitely not the joint, but the muscles. Thanks for your help!