I figure this is the best place to ask my question: is anyone familiar with the policies of billing associated with the medical assistance program (IL)?

For the past few days I've been scrounging through articles, acts, bills, state & federal regulations. I've come across many-some branching out on the premises of balance billing.

My real question is, is anyone familiar with unlawful collections while being enrolled in such a program? Even from a third party biller/collection agency?

From what I've read I've come to the understanding that so long as these facilities accept & acknowledge your enrollment in said program they are prohibited in collecting remaining balances from negotiated pricing on services rendered and to honor he programs determination of required procedures (as in the situation they deny the claim) they cannot in turn bill said covered patient.

Is this true? Are hospitals/third party billers/collection agencies legally allowed to collect from patients fully covered under the medical assistance program (such as Medicaid)?