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    Default NOW you look sick...

    The old "you don't look sick"... that has been an ongoing battle where I work. I've ranted about it on the forum recently and one of the responses (pardon for not remembering who) was to dress up like a zombie - which is FANTASTIC idea!

    So... I did my personal version of the zombie look: I've been wearing LESS makeup. Yeah so? you might say. Well, dear lupie friends, believe me when I say that is a BIG DEAL. I don't normally leave the house without full paint and spackle on. I'm not vain, I'm just honest on how I look without makeup. So now, I'm NOT covering up the under eye circles (looks like I have 2 black eyes) and I'm not covering up the lupus rash. And I DON'T look at myself in the mirror!

    Has my little experiment worked? I do believe it has! Now people come up to me and tell me I don't look well. Really??? I hadn't noticed. As bad as I look on the outside, it still doesn't come close to how I feel on the inside, but at least it gets the point across.
    "I'm going to get healthy or die trying"

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