Hello, I just turned 29 and have been experiencing many symptoms of SLE for years now. My whole body has been affected one way or another but my most recent new symptom is an odd rash appearing on my neck and chest. It has happened twice in the last month in a half and still has not completely gone yet. It started as what looked like a bug bite on my neck then I began getting a rash that ran down my neck to my chest on the left side and eventually behind my ears. The original spot is still there with a slight crust and the skin around it almost looks like stretch marks with random bumps. I have also been getting many forms of skin changes including two perfectly round spots with black dots, two brown streaks on left shin with one that flaked and slightly pitted, red patches that come and go, brown spots, white spots as well as white lines, red dots all over body, redness across nose and cheeks that has been getting more and more noticeable, a lesion on my scalp that is tan with bumps with detached edges that itches and bleeds when scratched ( this has been there for over 13 years) it changes in size as well from a dime to about an inch or more in diameter, moles are changing, skin tags, etc. My ongoing symptoms also include extreme fatigue and achy muscles and joints, irregular periods, spotting, miscarriages, severe bloating, loss of appetite, excessive burping, ibs symptoms, fibrocystic breasts, tailbone pain especially when first sitting down, joint pain in hands, knees, shoulders as well as upper back pain and stiffness in neck, neck feels swollen, occasional feeling of bugs crawling on me, pain in lower abdomen, tingling on scalp, random patches of goosebumps appear on body without being cold, headaches, constant upset stomach, dry hair, nails and skin, ridges and peeling of nails, heart palpitations, depression,muscle spasms, night sweats, excessive sweating in arm pits, and unfortunately so much more! If anyone that has been diagnosed has experience with any of this please feel free to chime in, I feel so confused! Thank you for reading, it felt good to get it out although there is more!