So glad you are making progress!!!! It can be a looooong road, and often diagnosis is not certain anyway. If you have anxiety issues as well, then it's way too easy for doctors to attribute everything to that instead of treating disease. Because, as you know, it's IMPOSSIBLE for anybody with anxiety to have any PHYSICAL problems... (can you see my eyes rolling?).

I have two close family members with OCD - and I gotta say, you sound like you deal with it pretty dang well. It's a tough road, I know. This can't make it any easier - this stuff makes ANYBODY anxious, so give yourself a break. Strength, sister! : - )

I'd strongly urge you to search this forum for the keywords "Plaquenil" and "Methotrexate" - you will find tons of good advice. Both medications have been absolutely LIFE-SAVING for me, but they DO take time to get adjusted to (sometimes a couple of months before side effects go away), and the plaquenil doesn't really take full effect for about 6 months or so. Be patient! Taking daily folic acid can help A LOT with methotrexate side effects, so if you're not doing that, talk to your doc about it. I take my Mtx twice a week instead of once (10mg on Monday nights and 10mg Thursdays) - that works better for me than one dose. And if you can't tolerate the oral form, there's an easy injection that people say is TRULY no big deal to do at home. At this point, my only lasting side effect from either med is that my hair is thinner - but I am willing to put up with that, because I feel about 90+% "normal" now, whereas before treatment I felt about 20-30% of "normal" most of the time. It was MISERABLE.

Anyway - there's lots of good info on here, and we're always here to listen.

Best of luck to you on this journey, and I hope you get relief very soon!!!!!