Hello all,

I found the forum while doing searches to answer questions. I'm not sure where to begin because my history goes pretty far back.

In my late 20s after my second son was born, I came down with something flu-like and it stayed for a while. My symptoms were widespread pain (little to no joint swelling), chronic fatigue, poor sleep, and restless legs at night. I went to the family doc and he said we eventually find that I have fibromyalgia. Keep in mind this was in 1997.

About the same time, I also had one severe panic attack that involved tunnel vision, faded hearing, and tingling in my fingers. I thought I was dying. I was under a lot of stress in my marriage, at work, and with two babies. Family doc did a CT scan to rule out things and an ultrasound in my left calf where I have swelling from time to time. He said he thought it was anxiety, which I have had plenty of issues with and seems to run in my family.

The pain was hard to deal with and the muscles in my neck and shoulders would seize up. And I had pain pressure points at various places but perhaps not enough for an actual fibromyalgia diagnosis. I also had a skin discoloration on the bridge of my hose which a couple of bumps/pustules which faded over time. It was a light reddish brown color but did not spread to my cheeks. I am a light white person with dark brown hair and green eyes. Also, it did not seem to react to sun.

Most of the pain, restless legs, etc. faded out with no treatment over a couple of years. I have had recurrent fatigue, shoulder and neck pain, and migraines since.

Then last year - January 2012 to be precise, I came down with a rash on the back of my neck and above my hairline. The neck rash faded out over a couple of months but the rash on my scalp turned into lesions that became inflamed and pussy. Then it seemed to go to my ears - outer ears - and can create fluid affects my hearing. It's all itchy and I have OCD which compels me to scratch so I have to be careful. Went to the doc finally in April and she wasn't sure what it was and prescribed a five day prednisone pack, which did not agree with me at all (mentally), and Clobetasol Propionate Shampoo.

It cleared up and then came back. She told me I have exzema, psoriasis, or seborrheic dermatitis and referred me to a dermatologist. In the meantime, I developed joint pain and swelling in my feet, ankles, knees, wrists, and fingers. The dermatologist checked me out and did a biopsy on one of the bumps/pustules/plaques and the result was seborrheic dermatitis. I don't know exactly what the biopsy tested for. I was prescribed Fluocinonide. And the derm didn't comment on the swollen joints and pain.

The joint swelling and pain was bad enough to wake me up at night and was worse in the morning, fading through the day with NSAID. The worst of it was in December 2012 and January 2013 and then in faded it out somewhat.

In late May/early June, my rash got worse on my scalp and in my ears and came back on the neck. Pustules developed and became plaques in both scalp and ears but it's not as bad as some pics on Google pics. I have lost hair in back but not too much. I have major swelling in my wrists and some fingers. Had to get a new wedding ring because I went from size 6 to 9. My fingers look sausage-y and the slightest pressure on my wrists can hurt.

Anyway, I wonder if any of you have had similar symptoms and experiences. And could give advice on how to proceed. I've had other issues to address - developed high blood pressure sometime between November 2012 and May 2013. We've been working on that. And I've been diagnosed by a pdoc with ADHD, tics, OCD and tricky anxiety stuff. So we've been working on that with meds and counseling.

I've considered that my issues might be somatic, but darnit, they are very easy to see. If you've taken the time to read my long post. Thank you. Any advice is appreciated.