Hi, I was diagnosed with discoid lupusby biopsy in 1994 . Had another doc say 'lupus erethamatosis' took plaquinal but stopped cuz it made it hard to be a single working mom. had cutivate and a t------ cream and predisone also. I have 2 children needing many surgeries and aftercare for the last 14 years and could not afford dr care for few years. Tried to control myself by eating recommended stuff from websights. I'm now losing the battle. I'm covered on arms, hands chest, back with what looks like guttate psoriasis or lichen planus maybe. went to a free clinic got 10 days of predisone and pills to block histamine. helped severe itching somewhat? it itch, i scratch, it gets biggeror new one appears. I find 1% menthol powder stops itch. Any ideas to help me cope? My head is missing crown hair now too {smooth as a babies bottom} I would very much appreciate any ideas!!!