Some of you guys and girls, may remember, that I have had a really bad pain in my buttock. I still have it, I can barely sit, I have had it for many months and the only time it goes away, is when I am on a minimum of 40mg of pred ( which my doctor only gives me once in a while).
A little later I have started getting pains in my feet ( on top of the feet), then my knees, then my elbows ( inside and outside), my hips, my pelvis and since today, my hands on top and inside, also in my wrists.
I am in so much pain, I can't grip anything with my hands, typing is also painful.
My rheumy told me back when it was only my butt, my pelvis and my feet, that he is convinced that it was my tendons, that are being attacked by the Lupus.
Does anybody else has tendon problems?
I don't know, what to do with this pain anymore. My rheumy hoped that the MTX would help, but so far NO.
The only time that I can stand the pain is when I sit still in my soft chair and not move.
All this on top of all the other joint pain, I don't know what to do and neither does my rheumy.