I AM FURIOUS!!!!!! If I didn't need to get my paycheck this afternoon, I'd walk out!!! My boss informed me, even after explaining everything in great detail, that he doesn't want me to bring my service pup in training to the office. I pick up the pup this Sunday. I've already given a deposit on the dog and already lost my heart to the little guy. I'm not giving him back!

I work for a Center for Independent Living!!!!!!! This is the last place I thought I'd have a problem with. The boss suggested that I should get a walker instead. A WALKER!!!!!! I informed him that I've had a walker for years. A walker won't pick up anything. A walker won't alert if I fall. A WALKER???????

It is taking every once of strenght I have at the moment not to break down in tears. Getting a service dog was NOT an easy decision. I agonized over it. I prayed, I spoke with experts, friends, family, my Lupus family. A decision that was not quick and easy to make, yet the right decision. He claims he's concerned the dog will be disruptive. He claims he understands Lupus as his mom and cousin has it. They have THEIR Lupus, not mine. GET A WALKER?????? He's a cat person. Of course he doesn't want a dog around.

WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO????? Continue suffering because the boss doesn't think having the dog in the office is a "good idea"????? Yeah, well I don't think having Lupus is a good idea either. Legally, he knows he can't tell me no. He knows the law . He legally can NOT tell me no.

I don't know what I'm going to do. Inside, I'm breaking down and crying.