Hi Everyone,
Looking for a little advice. I have applied for disability and they have now sent me the Adult Function Report and the Work Function Report to complete.

I have heard this is a good thing and that they are considering my application. I am a little freaked out I am not going to put the right things on these reports and I have only 10 days to fill them out which is sort of stressing me out.

I havent been denied..yet..and I keep looking at these forms and getting more and more stressed on what to put down and how to write it and wonder if they are looking for particular words.

So then Im thinking do I get a disablity lawyer now..or wait until I actually get denied then appeal and then get one? Who knows I may actually fill out the paperwork and not get denied but I dont think that will be the case.

Right now I am doing pretty good with this little cocktail of meds they have me on. I am starting the Benlyasta soon to try to wean off the prednisone.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.