my name is tammy i am 49. my first signs of lupus started when i was 22 but the ones that took over my life started when i was 41. i am in a constant battle with lupus. i do not feel that my husband understands how awful this stuff is. i have been going to a rheumotologist for the last 8 years and seems like i havent gotten a thing accomplished. doctor wants to put me on cymbalta not for depression but for pain. i have taken many other antidepressants and they didnt help just made me feel zoned out. i have a 7 yr. old i cannot go around feeling zoned out. i want something to stop my pain and something to make my muscles feel stronger instead of feeling so weak that i feel like i am going to fall. i also have arthritis and fibromyalgia. the doctor never knows what is caused from what. i think it is her job to figure it out and get me better. i feel that i have lost 8 years of my life and i want to get better and by now i should be.i am just about ready to find another doctor.i feel all the stress from lupus is going to cause me more problems cause stress is bad for you. why in the world is there not any drug plan for lupus patients. i am so sick of this. i do not even have 1 day a week without pain and weakness with fatigue. i know and fell in my heart that there has to be some kind of hope for me.i want at least part of my life back, one or two days a week without pain and fatigue, this is possible right.