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Thread: Marshal Protocol

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    Cool Marshal Protocol

    Hi Lupus Community,

    I am the new kid on this blog "block" and looking at starting The Marshal Protocol(MP)

    Has anyone heard of this? Tried it? Successful?

    Many Thanks!!

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    from my understanding marshal protocol is for infections that slow your body immune response. lupus I caused by our immune system being in overdrive, not slowed. therefore I believe it is not the correct cure for us. please discuss this with a doctor first. if I am right it can do us lots of harm. as it will send your immune system into even more of an overdrive ...... therefore sending your lupus into a dangerous flare. Created by Prof. Trevor Marshall, The Marshall Protocol is a therapy for chronic inflammatory diseases. It is based on an explanation for how an infectious cascade of pathogens slow the immune response, allowing subsequent infections to proliferate, thereby causing the symptoms and markers of disease.
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    The "Dr." title Marshall often uses is for his doctorate in electrical engineeering, he is not a medical doctor, and has no medical research training whatsoever-

    See Link-

    The Marshall Protocol is a completely unproven form of Alternative Medicine based in dubious pseudoscience. It most certainly is not something that can help
    people with Lupus.

    Thread closed.

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