I am new to this forum, having just been diagnosed with probable Lupus. I am a 31 year old female. I have gone through six months of being bounced around to doctors and finally landed at a rheumatologist. The majority of my symptoms have been muscle/joint related (pain, tightness, twitching etc.) and loads of fatigue. No fevers/no rashes, etc. My ANA came back normal, but my Anti-dsDna came back equivocal at 7. 5-9 being equivocal results. Only other results that has been abnormal is low Vitamin D. The doctor started me on plaquenil. At this point, I am fine with a diagnosis of anything, because at least they have found something for why I feel so horrible every day. I was a very fit athlete, and can barely get out of bed much of the time now. I am very sad and frustrated. There has been very little/to no relenting of symptoms in the past six months. In doing some research over the last two weeks, it just seems a bit premature to go on that blood test alone, my muscle/joint issues, and fatigue. If anyone could share their thoughts, that would be wonderful. Thanks so much for your help. I truly appreciate it!!