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    Default all part of "you don't look sick"

    Working for a center for independent living, I had the misconception that fellow coworkers would be a bit more understanding and sensitive to people with disabilities. I guess that only applies to consumers and not in office staff. My lupus has progressed to the point that I'm having stability and mobility issues, hence why I'm in the process of getting a service pup. In the meantime and until the pup is old enough and big enough to be a stability/mobility service dog, I really on my cane. I don't make an issue of having Lupus. I have it, I deal with it. I don't use it as an excuse. I work just as much as everyone else (sometimes more so) and have not asked for any reasonable accomodations even though I could. I don't talk about having lupus unless someone asks. I have lupus, lupus doesn't have me.

    That all being said, and maybe its just me, but I'm dumfounded about how insensitive my coworkers can be. "What's the deal with the cane?" is a common question. Or "what do you need THAT for?" Usually I'm a smart alek and tell them that it's part of my ensemble said with a stony face. When I reply "because I have lupus", the response is usually "yeah, so?" SO?????? Then informed, "well if you are hurting, you should go home". Honey, if I stayed home everytime I hurt, I'd never leave the house! I'm going to hurt regardless so I might as well be earning a paycheck! Lupus doesn't stop me from working, it just slows me down a bit and forces me to adapt and overcome which I do very well thank you very much!

    Oh how often do I get strange looks out in public as I go about my life with my trusty cane by my side. I'm sure it will only get worse when I have my service dog because afterall Ruziska- "YOU DON'T LOOK SICK!"

    So concludes my rant. Have a great lupie day everyone!
    "I'm going to get healthy or die trying"

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