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Thread: Plaquenil & Diabetes

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    Default Plaquenil & Diabetes

    I am type 1.5 diabetic, I was told when put on hydroxychloroquin they ( the drs ) didn't know exactly how, but that it helped diabetes greatly. I was also told it would take approximately a year to get the full effects to kick in.
    Within 2 weeks my knee pain reduced, yay, then hip pain stopped or reduced to tolerable.
    At the 6 mos mark, I started getting sick, by the one year mark I became insulin dependant, I had managed my diabetes w diet for 20 yrs w/o any medication. But the good news finally my hair stopped falling out, I could move and insulin was a God send.
    I've stopped the plaquenil once at drs request, at the five day mark I couldn't move, joints were bright red and blood sugar #'s soared! Neurologist told me to restart immediately!
    If I get a flare my numbers soar up higher, but I did notice prednisone doesn't affect them as drastically as before. That's good news.
    I'm having more flares @ 2 years and the drs are considering switching me off plaquenil, also getting thrombosis other symptoms possibly plaquenil related, now concerned its going to make diabetes go crazy and I'll be in agony again.
    Anyone else out there diabetic have any experience?
    I do have hypoglycemic episodes usually when a flare decides to calm down, but I have been blessed w a great service dog who warns me and I keep my #'s really tight anyway.
    Worried the change in meds will be miserable.
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    Hi there;
    I guess you and Plaquenil have a bitter-sweet relationship huh? I do not have diabetes and so cannot reply to your question. However, if no one else does, I would be more than happy to research the issue for you if you'd like. I hope that you get some answers and I do hope that you find a way to control your diabetes even if you have to discontinue the Plaquenil.

    Peace and Blessings
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    im on prednisone and plaq and I think its the pred that is sending my blood sugar thru the roof the dr gave me glyburide to get the levels down and im now up to 4 metformin a day . I don't want ot go on insulin, but the prednisone was instant relief of my joints pain and mobility. now they are taking me off and im back to square one with the mapin, joints problems and mobility sigh. Im not sure the plaq is doing anything as of yet it doesn't seem to be but then again what do I know ... nothing lol except I feel like crap again . Beign positive tho and loving life still

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