I thought being new and all, best start with an intro. I'm often long-winded so I appologize in advance.

I've been looking for those like me for 7 years now, in search of a diagnosis. A week ago I was diagnosed with lupus, and a possible secondary of Sjogren's. It's weird to say I'm happy about it, but there are few things worse in life than feeling sick and having every medical test and professional tell you you're fine. So, I'm happy to have an answer. I'm happy to have a direction. I'm happy to be amongst you good people, that can and do understand. With as much positivity as I have, I still find myself wondering if this is real, or true. There are nagging thoughts in the back of my head that says, "it's not lupus, it's never lupus." and what if I trust the doc b/c I'm simply tired of looking and fighting to find out what's wrong? The answer seems simple... Get a second opinion. However... That simple answer has so much fear involved. If the 2nd opinion says anything different than the first, then I'm back to the unknown. I already have so much anxiety surrounding doctors visits, and having tests come back "normal". So right now I'm sticking with the 1st diagnosis, and hoping and waiting for the medicine to work - or not work...

So thank you to all of you for just being here!