Hi everyone,

I was diagnosed with Lupus and Sjorgenís in May 2012. Took me couple of months to accept I have Lupus and Sjorgen and finally started meds in Aug 2012, Plaquenil twice a day. One thing Iím thankful is that my symptoms started showing up after 6 months giving birth to my daughter. Really glad I was asymptomatic while pregnant. Having a 4yr old son and 2 yr old daughter makes it impossible to have a well balance activity and rest. Been enduring fatigue and trying to push through, but lately my body is telling me I canít handle it all. Iím still new to this disease and trying to figure out what my flares are and what limitations are. I have been browsing through this website for a couple of months and it has given me moral support to know that others know exactly how I feel and know what Iím going through.