I was diagnosed with lupus about 6 weeks ago, and have just started treatment. My most painful lupus symptom is what I've self-diagnosed as chronic myofascial pain. From my understanding, Myofascial pain is similiar to fibromyalgia, except that the pain is in very specific locations, and is deep in the muscle. It can be activated by pressing certain trigger points in your muscle. I have a classic myofascial pain from my scalenese- muscles on the sides of the neck. The pain runs down my chest, shoulders, biceps, forearms, and shoulder blades, and feels like a deep lactic acid burning.

There is a type of massage called trigger point massage or myofascial release that I continue to do, but its a very temporary relief, and I'm on some daily vicodin to make the pain tolerable. The doctor has given my lyrica, but because of memory side effects I have had to increase the dosage very slowly, and my current dosage still doesn't eliminate most of the pain.

Does anybody have any experience with this and other treatment options? I don't want to be on lyrica forever, and I've heard the side effects when you get off of it are pretty bad. My doctor thinks that once the plaquenil starts to work, it should help with pain, but I just started treatment, so that relief is still months away.