I have been taking Plaquenil for three months now with good results. I had one major flare but didn't recognize it because of no fatigue. I thought I was just having a hip problem. My gp shut it down with a quick high dose of Prednisone, Meloxicam, and Flexeril.
Fast forward to two weeks ago. I started with the twinges, chills, and brain sludge just before my mother was diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer. I told my rheum. at my appointment that I thought a flare might be starting. She didn't like the idea of the high prednisone dose and prescribed a low dose of prednisone (5 mg.) to keep on hand. She told me when I was sure I was having a flare to take two a day for two days then one a day for two days, so I tried that and fizzled out like a dud on July fourth. I hurt so bad, not only my joints but the long bones in my arms and legs. I felt like I had the flu and fatigue set in for the day. I was dragging, a real party-pooper. Got a call from the nurse on Fri. and told her what was happening. She called me back with medication changes. Dr. said to start taking the Meloxicam daily and to increase the prednisone dose. So now I am taking two Pred. a day for two weeks, then one a day for two weeks. She said remember you can have multiple flares, and stress definitely affects it. Now I'm wondering how often I will be on the Prednisone too. This is learning curve time all the way around our nest. Thanks for any input you can give. I realize each case is individualized.