Hi all. I am new to your site but definately not new to lupus. I was diagnosed in 2000. Its been a long journey. My main issues have usually been the muscle and joint pain, fatigue, and skin rashes. Lots of rashes..I finally quit working in 2010 and my disability was approved in 2012. Thank goodness. Ive had a few severe episodes of different issues. I had renal failure and had to have dialysis in 2010 and a severe bacterial pneumonia that they couldnt identify. I ended up on life support for one week. Now I have c.o.p.d. to add to my list of problems and have to use inhalers every day to keep my lungs clear. I am also insulin dependent diabetic. This I believe is caused by the chronic prednisone use. I was just in the hospital last week for a bad flare up. My rash is really bad right now and it just was better while I was getting I.v. steroids. Now I am home and it is bad again. I dont want to go back in the hospital. The rash is like I am severely sun burned. Chest is very bad. Only thing that I have found relief from is ice bags. I think I have tried everything and a lot of things just irritate it. If anyone has a good remedy I would love a suggestion. Thanks for listening..