Hi guys! I'm new here. I was hoping someone could help me. I've had a rash on my cheeks and nose for four months and it has been slowly spreading to chin and forehead. It doesn't itch. Before this started I had a slight fever, achy just thought I was getting sick, it lasted a few days then went away.

I've seen a dermatologist, allergist and primary care dr and no one has been able to tell me what I have (also it doesn't help that they don't let me finish telling them all of my symptoms before taking a guess at what I have).

my symptoms:

-feeling exhausted after simple things like washing the dishes
-malar rash
-rash gets worse when out in the sun
-hair loss
-bruise like a banana
-migraine sufferer
-nails and tips of fingers turn slightly purplish when really cold
-dizzy spells
-dry mouth
-in 2006 I was given physical therapy for both of my knees (simultaneously) due to having excrutiating pain when trying to bend them. diagnosis was inconclusive. Hasn't happened since. My fingers on my right hand swell up several times a week but no pain.

these are medications they've given me that haven't worked:

econazole nitrate cream
sulphur wash
cortisone shot
urea cream
selsun blue

they also put me on a gluten free diet, but no change in my rash.

they sent me for blood work and my liver enzymes were high, almost double the normal range (dr has not treated me for this, also haven't been explained what this means). ANA was negative. My allergist put me on MethylPrednisolone and i'm finally seeing my face clear up. I guess my question is, could I have lupus?

**sorry for such a long post thanks in advance for your time.