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Thread: I dont know whether I should be glad or sad

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    Default I dont know whether I should be glad or sad

    My dermatologist just phoned to tell me that the biopsy of the rash on my thigh shows that it is massively inflamed and is strongly suggestive of systemic lupus when combined with my blood results and other symptoms. He has also speculated that my clotting problems (6dvts and2 pes) previously diagnosed as protein c deficiency maybe related.
    He's prescribing steroid cream and Sun protection and is contacting my nephrologist who I see on Wed and the rheumatologist who I see for the first time next week. He says they will have to work as a team to ensure that there is no further organ involvement.
    It's good to finally have a diagnosis but a bit frightening too. Is this the approach that other doctors have taken with those of you who have been diagnosed for a while?
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