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Thread: 7 weeks joint pain....possibly lupus?

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    Default 7 weeks joint pain....possibly lupus?

    I have been having joint pain for about 7 weeks. My Joint pain came out of nowhere one morning. I woke up with an achy/burning feeling in my fingers, wrists, elbows, shoulders and feet. Within a week it was also in my hips and knees. For the first 2 weeks it was bad, it was affecting what I could do throughout the day. The last few weeks it seems to be more of an annoyance than a disabling pain. Some days are better than other but i'm able to handle it without any pain killers. It also moves around, one day my hands will be worse but then the next day it will be my hips that are the worse, then my feet. I have gotten 2 little rashes but not the lupus rashes I have seen pictures up. These were on the underside of my forearm and side of my stomach. They looked like a bunch of skin colored and red raised bumps. Almost like pimples. They didn't itch and went away in a few days. Other than that I have no other fatigue, morning stiffness, fever, face rash, swelling. I have read that joint pain can be the first and only symptom of lupus until the disease progresses. Has anyone else had joint pain for this amount of time and ended up having lupus? Did you have good days and bad days at the beginning or was it super painful all along? I know there are many posts out there similar but if anyone can offer any advice It would be greatly appreciated. I am waiting for my insurance to kick in so that I can get tested but still have weeks to go.

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    Hi and Welcome:
    Unfortunately, as we are not doctors, we cannot say if your symptoms may or may not be Lupus. What you describe does sound like symptoms related to some sort of AI or Connective Tissue issue. But, we cannot even say that for sure.
    You mentioned a rash; please know that there are many different types of rashes in Lupus. Including, but not limited to: The butterfly rash, Subcutaneous lesions (two types: red pimples or flat lesions), discoid lesions, and a host of Non-Specific rahses/lesions). I am not saying that what you experienced was a Lupus rash, but do not dismiss it as not being a Lupus Rash if indeed you are diagnosed with Lupus.
    Joint pain as the first and primary symptom is not always true. Lupus affects each of us differently and, as such, our first symptom (or our primary symptom) can cover a broad range. For some, the first symptom is the rash; for some it is damage to internal organs; for some it is extreme fatigue. I could go on an on about what our first symptoms are. The point being, there is no set of symptoms that are a standard as first and primary for this disease.
    Perhaps you can read some of the "stickys" on the top of each forum, especially those dealing with Lupus Diagnosis and Treatments. It might be beneficial for you to acquaint yourself with those so that you can speak with your doctors about running the appropriate tests in order to determine what the underlying cause of your symptoms might be.
    I wish you the very best and please, keep us posted.

    Peace and Blessings
    Look For The Good and Praise It!

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