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Thread: More tests, new doc, or wait and see?

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    Default More tests, new doc, or wait and see?

    In my ongoing quest for help, I find myself with new manifestations of...what? My latests symptoms are some kind of asthma, closing up of the throat, or something. I don't even know how to describe it. I had asthma when I was a child, it resurfaced the last ten years, but only in the fall, but this doesn't feel the same. I believe it is being cause by the horrible dry throat I have in the night. I wake up on and off all night with the feeling that the tissue in my throat is stuck together. When I try and swallow, it feels like it is tearing. Of course I'm sure it is not. My GP sent me to an ENT. He stuck a camera up my nose and down my throat and saw...wait for it...inflammation at the bottom of my esophagus (as far down as he could run the camera without anesthesia). He said he could not be sure what was causing this but suspected it might be reflux, not GERD, but LPR. He started me on Dexilant and wants me to come back in a few weeks to determine our next course of action -- if medicine does not work, either a MRI or an endoscopy. Of course, the medicine is not working. Not yet, anyway, and it's been eight days.

    So here is my dilemna: I've been down this road before. Extreme symptoms...lots of costly tests...NOTHING. The rheumy (third one) continues to send me to specialists and will not prescribe Plaquenil because I have no bloodwork to support an autoimmune diagnosis.

    The two outside fingers on each hand are still numb, the left from time to time, the right most of the time. If I hold my right hand up above my waist, it happens immediately, always worse at night like all the other symptoms. Tip of nose has now been added to the mix -- numb from time to time. Rheumy says back to neurologists who will, most assuredly, order another nerve study and MRI.

    Still the fatigue, still the ongoing thyroid problems, still the neuropathy in hands and feet. The Neurontin has stopped the burning pain, but the numbness is getting worse. Still the joint pain although the Celebrex has helped that tremendously.

    To date, Hashimoto's is my only diagnosis. And that brings me to my thread title and question of the day: More tests, new rheumy, or wait and see? I'm tired of getting the "Your blood work looks fine, nothing of concern." Don't want to be "officially sick," but also don't want to be "unofficially sick" at the same time.

    On a happy note, I have only had two seizures in the last year (knocking on wood as hard and fast as I can right now).

    Any guidance any of you might have, I gladly welcome. As my colorful father-in-law says, "It's a hard row to hoe."



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    I am sorry you are having such a hard time !!!!!!! unfortunately many of us have had similar stories. I knew I had issues for about 35 years before someone put 2 and 2 together, and actually found something. if your rheumy is only looking at the blood work ...... and not your symptoms as well, then maybe he is not the right doctor for you. most of us have found that doctors who are prepared to look at symptoms along with blood work usually find answers. there are some members here who only use there gp, as they can not find a competent rheumy in there area. it is a hard question for anyone else to answer...... but if you are seriously asking, then you already know the answer. it is your health .... so you need to take control.
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