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    I'm slowly learning things like, if I push hard for 2 - 3 days in a row, I better be ready for a day in bed. Literally. Sleeping continually for up to 24 hours. But recently I've found that I get so tired and sleepy that I truly, literally can't stay awake, even after sleeping a good long stretch. It's kind of scary. Like passing out, only somehow I know it's just sleep and if I sleep for a few hours, I feel a little better. I guess I've just never had it so extreme. And it seems that when that happens, I also tend to have bad dreams that make me not want to go to sleep because I struggle to wake up to get out of the dream. Can any of you shed light on that? I don't have a rheumy at the time and my PCP doesn't have a clue.


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    this sounds very similar to what a lot of us suffer. the extreme tiredness is from fatigue. that is when your body decides it has had enough, and wants to shut down to rest. the dreams are basically from the same thing..... our body shuts down in a way that our blood flow is restricted ( I forget the technical term). our brain gets lots of blood to the important parts, and less to the not so important parts. this can cause weird dreams. as far as I can tell, the brain specialists cannot understand how or why this works. but we the sufferers know it happens regularly. the concept of pushing hard for a short time is not something many of us try to stop. slow and steady..... do a little each day. then we are able to complete something tomorrow as well. you may be interested in these other posts.. .… .
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    I certainly suffer from fatigue, as do so many of us here, I agree with Steve, but some of the meds that we commonly take can also cause vivid, crazy dreams. I have literally woken screaming out in fear from nightmares that were so realistic. Just a thought....

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