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    I don't often talk about my health on here because I have a kind of yucky (like that technical term) kind of Lupus that can be kind of scary to people starting out and I never want newer people to think they will end up like me. I am posting 2 threads now because I think they are very important.

    I have basically been in a flare, with only a couple of days break here and there, for 3 years. I take so many meds and even with methotrexate we could only get my daily steroids down to 40mg a day and even with that I was only able to have any quality of life because of pain management (which I refused the first year). High powered narcotics and drugs that would knock out a horse make it so I can walk without a cane. Lowering my steroids anymore made my seizures worse so it has been a horrible cycle. Hence the reason I don't discuss much of it here now. Most Lupus patients are not like me and I don't want to freak everyone out. Today is different though. I think I am finally being pulled out of a flare that has lasted more than 3 years constantly and pretty close to that for the 3 previous.

    I said in another post I am in the hospital because of over doing it. I messed up my lungs, have an infection, labs are screwed up and couldn't breathe. I went to a different ER Sun and they did some things but said I had to see my doc in the next 2-3 days. I did and he instantly put me in te hospital and on top of antibiotics, breathing treatments and tons of other things he decided to do what is called a "solumedrol IV push" a couple of times a day while I am here. They are used for MS patients but also for some severe Lupus flares. They give me high dose steroids in my IV port slowly.

    of course my cough is getting better and I am mending but the big news is that I think I am coming out of my flare all together! Ok, maybe it is just because I am on such a big dose of steroids but I have no joint pain, my eye issue is healing (didn't know it was flaring up again btw), my head feels clear and, although I am very sick physically I my Lupus is feeling better than it has in years!

    Cross your fingers for me. I will let you know how this turns out!
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