I'm sooo mad!! :twisted: I'm 28 and i just got diagnosed 3 WEEKS ago! Yes... i feel like i'm the only "newbie" around here - i know that all of u have been going thru this for YEARS and have kids...something i want sooo badly it hurts

its soooooo hard for me because i still want to do a lot of things! i'm even afraid to sleep over my boyfriend's house because it's so hot in the valley and what if i forget my meds or have a really bad arthritis attack again?! it's his 30th birthday next weekend and its supposed to be his best birthday ever! he wants to go to Vegas and i'm realizing i can never go to Vegas or any other vacation spot EVER again w/out those FLARE UPS u all talk about! i know about the sunscreen and hats and all that stuff... but how irritating! i dont want to wear a HAT in vegas or cover my shoulders w/ a sweater in 100 degree weather! i used to be able to go swimming and sunbathe! But not anymore right? i wear SPF 50

i'm going thru so much right now! i'm afraid of all the other stuff u guys talk about - the kidney problems and the fevers. i dont really get Migrains - sometimes it's just the back of my head. my knees hurt sometimes (it hurts to get out of bed to go to the bathroom and walk). And i cant even touch my face w/ my right arm! its weird!

Sorry just venting - i'm depressed!