Hi. Thought that I would introduce myself. I hope to find some answers here.

I'm almost 40, female, and in November of 2012 I finally got a referral to a rheumatologist. He did an exam, ran some labs, and the whole nine yards. I still have no firm diagnosis but my labs came back positive for anti-dsdna and anti-ro. My liver enzymes are also elevated and I have hives and itchiness on my palms and feet most days. I've had Hashimoto's for 19 years. I've had a positive ANA since I was 15 years old. I've been in pain all my life but for the most part it's tolerable. Lately it hasn't been and I'm currently waiting for a referral to pain management.

The rheumatologist that I went to said that I didn't have enough criteria for lupus but that he suspected it. His exact words were "Your body just loves to make auto-antibodies." My maternal grandmother died of lupus complications and my mother had RA. Over the years I've had trouble with doctors only running labs for the RA factor. I don't have that and it was frustrating to be told that my symptoms were basically psychosomatic in nature.

I may be lacking in diagnosis but it does feel nice to know that it's not all in my head. Now if I could just get through this spell of pain things would be groovy. My username is the nickname for one of my cats.