Hi, My name is Kathy,

I have just been diagnosed today with Tumid Lupus. I had a rash on my back that looked like a bulls eye but without the eye in the middle. It started about three weeks ago and I went to the Dermatologist and he had three others come and look at the rash and they all said they didn't know what it was so they gave me an ointment to try. It didn't go away after a week so I had to go back and they did a biopsy. The results came back today and he informed me that I had Tumid Lupus and he had me go and have blood work to make sure that it is not in my organs. I am freaking out and I am not comfortable with the doctor at all as when I went back today, I have a different type of rash and he stated he didn't know what it is. Any suggestions on what I need to do? I am seriously thinking of getting a second opinion.