Hi Everybody,

I was just diagnosed with SLE and am wanting the communities opinion because, well, Iím not convinced. Mainly because Iím a white male in excellent health and donít have most of the physical symptoms associated with lupus. Iíll try to give a quick summary of my symptoms.

For over a year Iíve had many joint/muscle pains. Groin pain. Back pain. Tendonitis in my elbows. Radiating burning from my neck down my chest and both arms. Tingling in my face. Saw many orthopedists and neurosurgeons and pain management specialist, but nobody could explain why these pains arenít going away.

Then I got a positive ANA test (1/1280, homogenous pattern), which lead me to a rheumatologist. The rheumo did a lot of blood tests for lupus and other autoimmune diseases, and everything came back negative, including the ANA! The rheumo saw some psoriasis on my skin and said I had psoriatic arthritis and prescribed me humira.

I was confused about that second, negative ANA test, so I went to another rheumatologist, who conducted more tests. Sure enough, a positive ANA (1/640, homogenous). All other blood work was normal though, except for a low, out-of-range C3 compliment level. C4 and Ch50 were fine.

From the joint pain, ANA test, and low C3 compliment, I was diagnosed with SLE. Thing is, I donít have any of the other symptoms- no hair loss, no fever, no weight loss. Iím not immensely tired, though I do take adderall for ADHD, so that could mask those symptoms. I have a rash from sebbhoreic dermatitis that improves with sun exposure that Iíve had for 15 years, but no lupus-specific rashes. The only sunlight reaction I get is that I seem to get very tired on weekends after I have been in the sun doing choirs, but I thought that was because my joint issues have kept me from exercising for over a year. I recently have begun to get hand/finger joint pain, but there is no swelling here or in any of my other injured joints.

A slew of other tests (nerve conductivity tests, MRIís, bloodwork) have been conducted which have ruled out other diseases (RA, MS, hepatitis, etc) so I donít know what else would be causing all of these body aches and pains. The doc said that the C3 tests was the test that really helped with the diagnosis, and that the other standard symptoms arenít present because the disease isnít currently active. I'm just finding it hard to believe that I would be unlucky enough to be the rare white male with lupus but without the common symptoms. Thoughts?