Hi Group , I have several auto immune items occurring at once and it is kind of bummin me out lots of pain i have recently been dx with Messenteric panniculitis. I have had it for years mostly diagnosed as heartburn .It is getting very painfull now and making other parts of my body go crazy also,interconnected muscle groups mostly in my pelvic area the body is a very amazing machine .I have always had strange autoimmune problems brain fog , constant sinus infections , and always flushing in fascial area my dermatologist did not know what to make of me she thought i might have Rosacea . I do have a very good Fibro doctor who is trying to make something happen with all this inflammation I'm currently taking Potasin for inflammation it helps a little but i had so much pain i ended up in the E R were they did the ct scan and found the the misty messentery as they call it. They prescribed some pain meds i hate to take this junk but you got to do what will get you out of pain and over the hump It used to kind of flare and go away in a couple of days now it is sticking around yeah Dorthy I'm not in Kansas anymore . I believe if you keep a positve attitude it always helps and i'm always willing to listen to people who are in the same situation and try new ideas.Thanks for the ear Be Well Teddie