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    Hi All,

    I have never posted on a forum before so Im alittle nervous and surprised that I'm doing it, if that makes any sense. Obviously something is going on with me, which I think might be lupus, but Im not sure yet. I'll give you all a little run down. A couple of weeks ago I had a blood tests run just to see if I was going thru menopause! Lol, funny to me because I found out that Im POST menopausal at 43! It's the first time I've ever had labs done, other than ones that they do with pregnancy.

    The issues I thought were related to aging might just be something a little more serious. My symptoms that have really kicked into high gear in the last 9 months are these: severe dry eyes, dizziness, hot flashes w/burning feeling of face, head tingling, these little scalp bumps that kind of pop if I run my finger over them then burn afterwards(had these on and off for years), hairloss around the hair line on neck and temples-loose it then comes back- i think it comes and goes with the little sores, rash on face that has come and gone-now is back with almost a brown age spot tint to it, not bad can cover with makeup, and last but not least i have sores on my chest, just a few..looks almost like chickenpox sores.

    What had been bothering me the most was the eye dryness so i started looking into that because I have what they call "lattice" right eye- it gets real and burns so thats what started me doing some research. After some digging I found that there might be a link between lattice and sjogrens so i started looking into that-the dryness and sun sensitivity but then it had a graph that sjogrens can be overlapped with sle, so guess what, i looked into that! lol. Let me tell you, it was like a light was turned on! I found myself thinking "omgoodness, this is me". It's been a little overwhelming, but I also have a sense of "well that explains this and that".

    So back to my labs..I'm alittle confused on the whole ANA test which came back positive, titer was 1:40 and the only antibody listed positive was ds-Dna a 1. Everything I've been reading says that this is negative so Im puzzled why it's positive?? Any clues? Also, my wbc came in low at 3.4 and low neutrophil at 1.3..this is what makes me the most nervous. The most consistent thing I've had for years is muscle pain, which has gotten worse in the last year..other than that the other stuff comes and goes. I made an appointment with a rheumatologist, appt isnt till Aug. Any thoughts or comments would be appreciated. Thank you all for such an informative website. I don't feel so alone.
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