I'm 41, father of two. Twins. I'm on disability but I'm pretty healthy all the time. 11+ years of taking note of my activities just prior to a flare have taught me my limits. For me, living with this is all about borrowing on the future. Once I surrendered to that, things steadily have become stable

I have:
Lupus Anticoagulant(permanent DVT at the top of right leg)
Raynaudís Phenomenon
A few others than are annoying

My joints and back pain are my kryptonite. I have little to no organ involvement. Plaqenil and Coumadin are my primary therapy. I am on full disability because any change in my respect of my limits will send me spiraling into the abyss. I have experienced much of the hell I read here and stress can take me right there.

I love the rule on Pushers of "Holistic" or other alternative therapies. So many of my loved ones have even pushed that crap on me. The day I was diagnosed, they had given me every test save one. Leukemia. Thats when the ANA came in. I hadn't eaten for a month, and had most likely 4-5 days left to live.

My "loved ones" have made me a guru in human nature. In the end, it's better to know the truth, however inconvenient. I feel equipped, not jaded. I know just what to look for in a person.

Since I was one of those dot.com overpaid engineers. I topped out my benefite by age 32.

Why am I here?

1. To learn. There are worlds of experiences here that will deepen my way of approaching things, actions or reactions that would be overlooked by most but actually show a universal wisdom that could change my life.

2. Some advice. Mostly on how to handle workplace horrors. I hate reading posts from people relying on the humanity of some boss who is leading the into the ovens. I know how to stop that.

3. To listen. My slice of hell is smaller than many here. I need to broaden my view of the big picture.

I humbly join this board to accomplish these and hopefully even more helpful ends.

Bless you all,