Hello everyone!

I am female and though I do not have lupus my girlfriend does.
We are both 21 years old and have been together about 8 years now. I adore her and want nothing more than to make sure she is happy and heathy. I have also done my best to promote a honest and open relationship with her. I have tried to look up information on my own about lupis and my girlfriend and I have talked about it together before however I believe it would benifit both of us if I got an outside oppinion about some of the things that have been bothering both of us. And I am hoping that I can find the advice I need to change my behaviors in a way that will both benifit our relationship and help me to take better care of my girl.
I had read some of the treads before registering and I found them to be useful and i t gave me hope that I too could find the wonderful advice that I need.

Thank you to whoever started this site! This was a wonderful idea! And I hope people will respond soon!