Hi, my name is Jen, I'm 39 yrs old, mom of 3 and struggling with undifferentiated diffuse connective tissue disease. I was in a severe motorcycle accident in 2006 which seems to have set off some kind of process in my body. I keep getting diagnosed with yet another "thing". The list just keeps growing: fibro, tmj, hearing loss, chondramalacia patella, arthritis in knee and hands, ulnar nerve damage, carpal tunnel, migraines, tachycardia, depression (wonder why!) , severe degenerative disc disease with instability (double level back surgery...still in pain), IBS, UCTD, and prob more but I'm foggy. It's sooooooo beyond frustrating! I could open a pharmacy with all the drugs that are stashed from prescriptions that have been discontinued. I really think its just a matter of time before I get a concrete lupus diagnosis because all of my symptoms are lupus related and point in that direction. I saw on a referral that my dr gave me that he put that my ANA was positive also. On the bloodwork it said 1:40. I don't really know what that means. The bloodwork stated negative but he's saying its positive. Who knows! I'm glad I found this site because its great to have support. Even though our loved ones can be empathetic (most of the time) they don't live in our bodies and could not possible understand what we go through and how much effort it takes some days to act normal. I know everyone here probably understands.