my mom was just diagnosed with "skin" lupus, not systemic yet. She got the shingles vaccine on march 21, 2013 and on march 23 she started a rash that has continued to get worse and spread though being treated with various creams, steroids and antihistamines. local not-docs said definitely not shingles because is on both sides of her body... finally got her to go to dermatologist who did biopsy that has shown she has cutaneous lupus. the dermatologists blood work also showed her thyroid antibodies are very high. have there been any reports of lupus happening to others who took the vaccine? she is absolutely miserable with severe burning, itching and blistering of skin and we are unsure where to go from here. what type of specialist does she need to see now? rheumatologist, endocrinologist or ? she was already having a lot of health issues (no appetite, colitis returned, etc.) i'm very scared for her and we appreciate any advice anyone can give.