i had a doctors appointment today regarding joint and muscle soreness, chronic fatigue, extreme varicosities in legs, recurring canker sores on my tongue and also chronic UTI-like symptoms that always come back negative for bacteria. ive also been diagnosed with IBS recently. The blood work came back saying i was ANA positive with a 1:160 titer, homogeneous pattern. my doctor has told me not to worry about it, and that many otherwise healthy people have that same ana positive result. I also had another urine test, which came back with high protein levels and white blood cells in it this time. This prompted her to refer me to a urologist. i am hoping to find some answers, and I figured this board would be helpful, as maybe you all could let me know if any of these symptoms sound similar to your experience. the bloodwork itself says that ana pattern is suggestive of lupus, so i am just a little annoyed that my dr would brush it off so quickly. any insight would be appreciated. thank you