Hi All!
I have not been diagnosed with Lupus, but I've got some symptoms and a high ANA. I am wondering if you can get diagnosed only with these two factors, or if other blood/urine tests have to be abnormal to make it technically Lupus? So far my other blood tests and my urine test have shown up normal. But I have symptoms that I think could be related to Lupus. Please tell me if the other tests are crucial for diagnosis, and if any of these symptoms sound similar to your experience:

-ANA 1:640
-Tired, weak, fatigued often
-Morning stiffness in my ankles, back, etc.
-Muscle cramping in the back of one leg daily
-Hands hurt--to type, etc.
-Get sick easily (always sick the week before my period)
-Red rash on my face (doc says looks like Lupus rash, didn't respond to rosacea meds)
-High temp--used to be regularly 96 or 97, now more like 99
-Get super itchy in the sun, get little red bumps on my legs
-TMJ (had surgery for it when I was 18 )
-Sometimes anemic, but sometimes not...so strange
-Diahrrea, sometimes
-Abdominal pain often
-Chest pain/pain right near my left armpit, with my arm going numb, fingers going tingly, fingers swelling up and wedding ring feelign super tight
-Can't cry sometimes (no tears come out), can't wear contacts more than a few hours
-Canker sores often
-Bumps on my scalp that are sometimes painful
-2 miscarriages (8 & 10 weeks)
-1 pre-term baby (26 weeks gestation)
-1 pregnancy that, with cerclage & bed rest, went to 36 wks, but had strong contractions & shots to stop labor each week, and had protein in my urine throughout pregnancy

Please let me know if these symptoms sound similar to those of Lupus, and also if the other tests are crucial for diagnosis. Thank you!!