Hello everyone!

I found this site yesterday & although I've visited many sites recently, this one really touched me & somehow gave me the courage (for lack of a better word) to finally join in & say "I have Lupus!". I've never had trouble telling people I have Lupus, but for some reason I couldn't declare it to the online world; like if I said it, it had to be true, for my internet life I guess! Silly I know!

I briefly introduced myself in my "bio" section; I'm still VERY new to the site & wasn't sure where to put things. So I'm going to post that info on here as well; sorry for the duplicate info.

I certainly can't wait to share my trials & tribulations in more detail; I have oh so much to share! But more than that, I look forward to getting to know my fellow Lupus warriors, because that's what we are! I have experiences to share, questions to ask, big shoulders for you to share & cry on & probably could use some shoulders too.

Either way, I'm just glad I have a place to go where I can let my guard down, not be afraid someone will judge me or make me feel like I'm just being a baby & need to suck it up! It's nice to know I'm not alone (although I always knew I wasn't the ONLY person lucky enough to have this wonderful fun carnival ride!) & that I have a place to go where I don't even have to explain what or why, & to know I'll be welcomed, understood & supported.

Yall are awesome & I'm so happy to be here!!

Just signed up today & still not sure what to put about myself & where, so wanted to get something in here for starters. Will have to detail more later.

I have been battling major illnesses for about 5-6 years; including major sinus problems (3 sinus surgeries in 2010 & STILL infected; now including MRSA & staph) & FINALLY diagnosed with Lupus about 2 years ago. We STILL don't have it under control yet, even with being seen monthly, along with a team of docs, including Stanford Univ. The sinuses complicate the Lupus & the Lupus complicates the sinuses. I've gone through hell these last few years & finally had the courage to get online in hopes of finding some help & new directions. Found this site yesterday & although I didn't necessarily find answers to my never ending circle of ailments, I DID find a wonderful community of caring people that are going through it too & can totally understand me.

I very much look forward to exploring this site & community more, as well as sharing my experiences, lessons learned (many the hard way) & making new friends & support for this crazy disease that is Lupus!