I'm Lucy, my younger sister was diagnose with lupus early this year,en she was hospitalised. I dont understand it, when I went to see her she was swelling like a ballone every where in her body, mostly her face en stomach. I was told that she has a problem with her heart and kidneys they r not functioning well. tests came back saying she has lupus in her kidneys,en that she is in stage4. Meaning that she mite not live a full lifespan. I dnt. Understand any of this. We where told that she must stay away from the sun, must nt drink soft drinks en no more salty foods. As I'm writing this she looks dehidreaded like a billtong. Every time we go to our local hospital we get different doctors, some look like they don't knw. They just giving her the same medication ,nothing to stop the vomiting en diarrhea, we also dnt knw if I can buy medicine for her. She is week,en most of the times she dos not want to get out of bed. We are triying to transfer her to another hospital for checkupps