So a few weeks ago I received a letter in the mail from the childrens hospital that Dylan was in and I thought that it was something about his upcoming labs, but it was a letter asking us to be part of their annual radiothon! Not one for talking in public or in a lg. group ( I actually REALLY dread it), but I figured that it wouldn't be like that. So, they want to know about Dylan and his disease, how he's doing and our/his experience with the hospital. We will be live on two radio stations! Don't think that Dylan is too happy about this. When they called to do the pre-interview they asked if there was anything that is off limits and I told them that he doesn't talk about it. And that this would be only the second time he's really discussed it. So I didn't know what was off limits. So, attending this will be myself, Dylan and my daughter and since my husband can't make it, I asked my sister to come along. She was a HUGE help when Dylan was in the hospital. Then I also asked my mom to come. Long story about her but she was a last minute add. I did tell the lady that May was Lupus Awareness Month! Ironic that they asked him to do this during May.