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    I am not new to lupus I hope this is the right place to ask this. Several months ago we moved a patient at work the next day I started having trouble with my back and right hip. I thought I pulled a muscle. Well after several days of me lipping around the hospital my gp ordered me a shot and told me to see ortho dr after a mri showed damage to my hip. I went to the appointment and he wanted to do a total hip but I did not have anough sick time left. So after another month I decided to have a second doctor look at it. Well this doctor doesnot want to do surgery. He sent me to physical therapy and now he wants to send me to a chiropractor who does massage therapy and has aweless clinic. I looked him up and he has programs for lupus and fibromyolgia patients. I guess this was a long way of asking if anyone sees a chiropractor.

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    there are a few members that I know of.... who see physio. they have advised on other threads to make sure that the physio is aware of your medical condition, as it is not uncommon for our muscles to be swollen. I also remember others advising to be very careful with chiropractors. they were advising against it, but I cannot find there posts. sorry I cannot help more..... I cannot find the threads to refer too.
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